The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has just announced the gaming industry’s annual growth rate at 2.9%!  This is over double the rate of the US job market. Need we say more? Well, the average US income per household in the industry was around $97,000 (in 2015) per year and it is only growing from that amount. Let’s look at how gaming is a huge success in the job market, revenue surge, and education segments.

In 2016, the U.S. video game industry generated a total of around $30.5 billion in total consumer spend! Professionals from the industry are sure that consumers now have more options than before, and developers have easier ways to deliver content to consumers. The number of professionals in the industry has also flourished! There are currently 65,678 workers employed at software publishing and developer companies. Gaming employs over 220,000 employees with locations scattered across the 50 states. The success of the industry has cultivated a value added to the U.S. GDP by over $11.7 billion in 2015! It is undeniable that gaming has helped grow the U.S. economy and stimulate job growth.


Not only is gaming creating jobs and revenue – the educational benefits of playing video games are substantial. Children would obviously prefer to learn from a video game as opposed to a traditional classroom setting. Learning visually is popular among developing kids’ minds and games can cater to these kids’ various learning methods. Evidence shows that games improve spatial visualization, attract participation by individuals across demographic boundaries, improve goal-setting skills, and help eliminate gender imbalance in IT. Not only are video games helping develop social skills in kids, but it is particularly helpful when geared towards severely retarded or autistic kids. Researchers have utilized video games in helping these kids’ problem-solving exercises and mathematical abilities. Other researchers have discovered that the use of this technology offers improved achievement and motivation among disabled kids.

Overall, video games hold an advantage over typical learning methods. Kids are able to pick a solution to a problem and immediately see the results of their decision, all within a safe space. Kids today are exposed to electronics at a young age so they grow up with a ton of information about harboring technology in their day-to-day lives. When they graduate school and begin to apply for jobs, they have a certain expectation that technology will be utilized in their new job. The gaming industry is introducing technology to kids, providing early exposure to what their future surely will hold. Gaming is the best skill for kids today; their future depends on advancement in technology. It is necessary that they start out by learning through the interactive world of video games. And we are here to help!

At BlindDog Communications, we are honored to be a contributor to the tremendous growth of the gaming industry. We are here to help gamers promote their life’s work by providing them a platform to establish their game’s presence. We aim to further the evolution of the gaming industry’s wild success in building revenue, creating jobs, and helping expose people to the benefits of gaming. Gaming is our life and we strive to share that with you.



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