Last week we were invited to give a talk at the International Business School of San Francisco State University. It was a very fun experience to present to senior students about entrepreneurship.

We talked about how rewarding but challenging it can be to open a business in the USA compared to other countries. We also informed the students that some lessons can only be learned through experiences, not just in the classroom. Through those challenging moments, you learn a lot about yourself as well as others. Having a positive ATTITUDE is the most important lesson that is to be learned from opening your own business. Positivity is the mood that you have to maintain to learn from the community. Unfortunately you cannot find that vision and attitude on business in many other countries.  


We have been doing business on our own in the USA for only four months, starting from when we opened BlindDog Communications. Everyday we are learning new things and gaining insight. It’s quite impressive how different it is to have your own business than work for someone else. Many hours of hard work, sleepless nights, thinking of strategies, bureaucratic paperwork, clients, employees, many decisions, and risks to take. Sometimes you ask yourself if all this is worth it. But later it occurs how much you love to work in communications, in the entertainment industry, and how much you can offer to this industry. There are many companies working on amazing games that need our help to be their voice to the rest of the world, to display what they are doing, their progress, and their final game that customers will love to play. They need people like us, people who are committed, to work hard, to communicate and advocate for these games. After enduring this level of commitment to the industry, you realize that all those sleepless nights thinking about BlindDog Communications are worthwhile.

Finally, we would like to give thanks to all the students that were present, listening to us carefully. It was very interesting, listening to all of you, your questions, and your thoughts about business and about BlindDog Communications. 

Thank you for this great experience that we’d love to repeat!


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