Pedro’s Bio

Pedro is not a conventional agency guy, not even a conventional guy. He obtained his B.Sc. degree in Chemistry at the University of Granada and a Ph.D. in Biomedicine from the University of Barcelona in 2008, where he researched diseases including HIV and Cancer. As a result, he discovered a very important motif  in the structure of the antiviral and antitumoral drugs critical for their uptake by cells.

After this finding, he wanted to use his knowledge for helping people with neurodegenerative diseases. That is why he moved to San Francisco and for three years researched about Alzheimers and Parkinson Disease for the Parkinson Disease Foundation at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Because of his scientific career, he has shared his results through books, articles and conferences around the world. He also reviewed many scientific articles written by his academic peers. And, after work he enjoyed his other passion, video games. He decided to use his scientific background to write about the health benefits of video games. After that, he could not stop writing about the gaming industry.

He started working as editor in the gaming site, interviewing industry celebrities such as Shuhei Yoshida, John Romero… or covering gaming events such as E3, GDC, TGS, Gamescom… He is passionate, hard working, detail-oriented, loves team work and capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously. He became Director of Content and Communications for US & LATAM market in Juegos ADN. His duties included determining the positioning of the business, creating collaborations, finding sponsorships and influencers, and audience engagement. Product improvement and reaching long-term goals were also key parts of his role, along with creating and managing the LATAM team.

(…) Pedro has got a very large and engaged network that allows him to meet very aggressive goals with very low budgets. (…) He has a tireless motivation to find always new and innovative ways to grow the brand and make it stronger. If you want to make sure about your business relations and editorial, no doubt you are in the best hands.” Hugo Fraga, Director of Blogocio Media S.L.

In his last months with Juegos ADN, he was also in charge of the communication, social media and website content of the Spanish video games developer Abylight Studios. Now, he has become a fine-tuned strategic thinker capable of controlling the small details, nuances, timing, subtlety an non verbal parts of communication that set the tone and make his strategies more effective.

Pedro is one of the most dedicated communications professionals I have had the chance to work with. His critical thinking and strong understanding of the video game industry makes him a great asset. Joelle Messianu, Public Relations & Social Media PlayStation